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Welcome to Doctime.De
Willkommen nach Doctime.De

Through small stories, the idea is to illustrate the greatness of our human culture. Through the stories one can learn the various aspects of our lives. We urge people to read the stories carefully and apply the Moral learnt through the stories in their everyday life.


Doctime.De has a dedicated team that takes utmost care for packaging and wrapping all the online orders. The team is ever ready to prepare your order and answer your definite requirements just as you were shopping in our flagships in Germany. In fact, a great number of customers choose our online shopping portal for gifting purpose, therefore, we give utmost priority to the quality, preparation as well as wrapping your products.

Options Available in Wrapping

While checking out with us, you will be asked to choose from two packaging options -

  • As per the standard packaging, all the products are packed in our signature packaging boxes. Moreover, they are wrapped in an identical way specified by Doctime.De. We are always eager to provide our customers the unique shopping experience with us.
  • As per the special packaging offer, you can choose our exclusive wrapping option where your product will be wrapped with special gift wrapping papers. We want to make your shopping experience truly exclusive and that’s why we offer a special wrapping paper with printed signature of our store. However, this service is offered as a complimentary option to our most valuable customers.

Personalize Your Gift

Along with the special wrapping, we provide the possible option to make your gift personalized by adding your own message on a card. Whether you are sending a birthday gift or as a greeting to your family member or business partners, this option can perfectly serve the purpose. Our online store is offering the ‘message card’ free of cost to our valuable customers.

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